30% of adults will experience a diagnosable mental health issue in a given year- How will this impact your business?

Emotionally Healthy Employees are Excellent Employees!


Let Us Help Your Employees Find:


Find the love you want and improve the important relationships in your life


Uncover your path to live a healthy and authentic version of you


Heal the emptiness left by anxiety, depression, and isolation to find true fulfillment and joy

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How much money is your company losing from employee absences, sick days, poor performance weeks, leaves of absences, or mental health days? For a company of 500 people, the employer loses about $1,000,000 per year on employees who are struggling to manage their wellness. Maybe your company doesn't have 500 people, but the amount of time, energy, and money lost is often substantial. Employers want emotionally well employees not only because they care about their people as individuals but also because it makes companies more profitable and desirable for employees to want to be a part of. People want to work for people who care.

How can Inner Compass Counseling Help?

Partner with us and we will offer your employees discounted and affordable counseling and coaching sessions at NO COST to you as the employer!


More people are absent or underperform at work due to stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or conflict than physical injury. Counseling and Coaching can help employees diagnose, treat, and monitor the issues most commonly leading to underperformance issues. Inner Compass Counseling offers counseling services online and in Denver, including individual, couple, marriage and family counseling.  


At Inner Compass Counseling, we provide a safe place for people to work through the silent, painful, and difficult situations life can throw at you with expert counselors and life coaches.


How to Get Started:

When you've made the decision to invest in your employees by partnering with Inner Compass Counseling to offer affordable mental health services, contact us. Send us a message or call and we will create a working contract with you.


Here's what we provide:

  • Any employee or relative of an employee can receive 3 counseling or coaching sessions at a reduced fee from our expert counselor simply for being an employee of yours

  • We craft an email for you to send to your employee list to introduce them to the benefit and tell them the important information they need to know to get started

  • We will craft quarertly emails for you to send out providing continued information to your employees about mental health, wellness, and self-care



It really is as easy and low maintenance as that! 


Everyone has an inner compass. Getting in touch with where it is leading your employees can guide them toward a path of hope and peace and in turn, better performance. Let us help them discover where their Inner Compass can lead.



Ready to talk with someone? Let's schedule your session.



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