Resources for staying sane during the Coronavirus

We, the therapists at Inner Compass Counseling, (Marian, Stephanie, Katie, Crystal, Catherine & Molly) want to let you all know that we are with you in these difficult times!  


We are all having a range of responses and emotions to this pandemic. Social isolation can feel challenging and painful, and we very much want to connect with you  in ways that undo aloneness. We promise that, even if we're meeting through a screen, we are here to support you and connect with you. We encourage you all to find ways to continue caring for yourselves and connecting with others even while things are challenging, and we can figure those things out together if you're struggling. We would be honored if you would allow us to support you through this time, even though it might feel different in an online setting.


For those that we normally see as couples, we are willing to see you individually if it would be helpful to you during this time, to help work through any anxiety or uncertainty you may feel.   We know that most of use have never experienced this type of social isolation before and it can feel very scary.  

Below is a list of resources that you may find helpful to maintain your mental and emotional health during this time:



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