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Wouldn’t it be nice if relationships didn’t take so much work?


Unfortunately for many of us, they do. And they can be hard. Really hard. In intimate partner relationships, we can find that the relationship we thought we were getting into isn’t the relationship we find ourselves in currently. Maybe you say to yourself, “We fight all the time” or “I don’t even know the person I am with anymore”. Maybe you are feeling like you can’t stay in the relationship for another day. Maybe you feel like you want to stay forever if things would just get better. The counselors at Inner Compass Counseling are trained in working specifically with couples and families on a wide range of struggles that impact relationships.

Learn more about Denver couples counseling that we provide.

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Sometimes as people, we can just feel so alone.


It is hard to talk to family and friends about the most vulnerable thoughts and feelings we keep hidden from the world. When you’re ready to talk to one of our counselors, we will be ready to listen with an empathetic ear and help you get back on a path toward health and happiness. Whether you are dealing with your own anxiety or depression, healing from a trauma, or grieving the loss of someone, we are here to help.


Find out more about individual counseling services that we offer in the Denver metro area.

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby…oh wait. This isn’t everyone’s story.


Whether you are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, a high risk pregnancy, or the inability to get or stay pregnant, pregnancy related issues affect both women and men. Our counselors understand the toll that issues surrounding pregnancy can have on you as an individual and on the relationships in your life.


Find out more about the specific types of Colorado counseling and therapy services we offer for to support perinatal issues.


Do I really need counseling before I get married?

Many people think, “If we really loved each other, we wouldn’t need counseling.”  Relationships take work and doing some of that work before you get married can set the foundation for a great marriage or committed relationship.  


InnerCompass Counseling uses the Prepare/Enrich ™ assessment tool to help couples explore their relationship.  Each member of the couple completes an assessment and then reviews the results with the counselor. The counselor will discuss their strength areas as well as areas of potential growth.  The couple will be given exercises they can complete on their own in order to strengthen these growth areas.

Learn more about Denver Premarital Counseling and the Prepare/Enrich assessment. 



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